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Tips for a Stand-Out College Essay - 2021 Guide

The college application essay is a stressful part of the college application process, but it doesn't have to be. Here are ten tips for writing a memorable college essay that will help you stand out from other applicants.


#1 - Think about your personal story


First and foremost, think about what makes you unique as a student. What do you want admissions officers to know about you? Do you come from an unconventional background or seek to pursue unusual opportunities in college? Is there something interesting about how or why you chose your academic path? How did certain experiences shape who cheap essay writing service are today? Take time to reflect on these kinds of questions over the summer—you'll find writing about yourself much easier once these thoughts have been properly digested!



#2 - Remember to ask for feedback


You may be tempted to write your essay in isolation, but this can prove disastrous. To get the most out of your essay, find someone who can provide insightful feedback on drafts and revisions—your guidance counselor is a good option. The better you know your audience and the more invested they become in your success, the more likely you are to impress them.


#3 - Share what's meaningful


Choose examples from your personal life that will show colleges what makes you unique as an applicant. Give people insight into who you are beyond grades and scores by sharing something that matters personally to you (and hopefully reflects well on how you would fit within their community). Colleges want students who will thrive and contribute to the campus community, so help them get to know you better by sharing a meaningful personal story.


#4 - Explain your interests


Further highlighting who you are beyond the grades and scores, explain why certain activities or achievements fascinate you and what lessons have been learned from them (an essay is your chance to show off how well-rounded you are!). Talking about your passions in this way makes for a more interesting read and helps build rapport between applicant and reviewer. It also shows that you're able to analyze experiences and connect them with larger themes of interest—a valuable skill!


#5 - Be concise yet complete


The college essay is one opportunity to put all of your best information forward. In addition to giving the reader insight into who you are and what interests you, it also shows how effectively you can communicate this information. Keep your essay between 500-800 words (roughly a page or two) to ensure that all points are covered, but remember that quality is more important than quantity—one clear, concise claim supported by specific examples will stand out over several vague claims with little evidence presented in support.


#6 - Be conversational


The college essay shouldn't read like an academic paper or research abstract; instead, keep it accessible for the reviewer. This means cheapest essay writing service tell that in first person plural (we), not third person (he/she). It's better to use less formal language and shorter sentences when possible—this allows the essay to flow better and feel less stilted. This is not the time to impress with high-flown vocabulary or flowery sentences; what matters most is conveying your ideas clearly.


#7 - Use personal language


What you say is important, but how you say it also contributes a great deal. Avoid using clichés (like "I'm a hard worker") and instead explain yourself in more original ways by using specific examples from your life. 


#8 - Be specific, not literal


Show, don't tell. This is a basic writing guideline that also applies to college essays. Your opportunity is to communicate with the admissions officers on their level and show them the best version of yourself—this means avoiding being too literal or rehearsing retellings of stories that may have already appeared in other places like your application (it's okay if they're similar).


#9 - Cite examples of growth and maturity


You're applying to college because you've grown a lot over the past few years—but how will admissions officers know this? Make it clear by showing progression in your life, from interests to relationships to grades. 


#10 - Avoid repeating what's already written


Students often repeat information like their test scores and GPA in college essays because it's easy to forget that the admissions officer has already read these numbers on your transcript. It's also important to remember that every application is considered holistically; while academic performance is an essential part of college applications, there are other ways to demonstrate intelligence and ability (like in activities and leadership) like free essay writing service




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